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Meet Nigerian Self-taught Automotive Designer and Model Sculptor.

I am  Opeyemi Olufemi OGUNDIJO,a Nigerian self-taught automotive designer and model sculptor born  in 197X. I possess a talent in car designing and modelling. .

As early as age 3,I had been a toy car hobbyist,producing toy cars using empty match boxes,bottle tops,cardboard,milkcans and various other wasteful materials.

Since 1986, I had  been producing what I call "metallic model cars" from tin cans using an old method.I streamlined my products  to showcase replicas of real cars in different shapes ,scales and colours among which are Peugeot 504 saloon, 504 station wagon,505 saloon,M.Benz 230 saloon , VW Old Beetle,New Beetle,Golf and BMW 5 series.Some were propelled through an elastic rubberband technique developed by me,some through the use of the  electric motor and gears which I cut by hand while others are pull-around toys with shock-absorbing,bouncing effect.These I used to sell to children.
Since 2001 when I started to design my own concept cars,a more efficient scale model production technique had been in use. In 2003,I started producing what I call "metal-based model cars" using another technique which allows greater freedom for sculpting and advanced surface development.I have scale models of concepts such as the 2001 Super Oval,2002 and 2003 versions of Porpoise Limousine,2008 Mud Spitter(an off road emergency rescue six wheeler),2009 Porpoise Z-Side,2009 Sports 01 V-Nose Arrow,2011 Janak Muscles,2012 CompactO,2012 Mobilof(a spacious MPV),2013 Activo,2013 Buffalo Bull and other concepts of exclusive passenger cars.
Though I hold a National Diploma (ND)in Agricultural Technology,Higher National Diploma (HND)in Animal Production Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Biodiversity Management(University of Ibadan,Nigeria),my ultimate ambition had been to study automotive design and become a fully fledged automotive designer specializing in clay sculpting.However,there had been a challenge- automotive design is not offered in any school in Nigeria and even in Africa as a whole. Therefore, since 2003, I have been contacting several schools the world over where automotive design is offered as a course and these include Coventry University,UK,University of Pforzheim,Germany,College for Creative Studies,U.S.A.,Istituto Europeo di Design,Italy,Tokyo Zokei University,Japan; just to mention a few.I still have brochures sent to me by some of these schools.
In 2010, I got to know of DYPDC Centre for Automotive Research and Studies,India which opened in August of the same year. I applied to the school and was offered an admission into a two-year program in Automotive design.
For that admission,my lean financial shoulders could not bear the burden of the tuition fees and other costs. I tried my best locally to raise funds but my efforts did not yield. I deferred my admission until August,2011 so as to have time to raise funds but my efforts did not yield. In 2013, I even launched a campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/self-taught-automotive-designer-seeks-fund-to-be-schooled-formally but my efforts did not yield.
At present, I want to go in for an apprenticeship programme in Clay Sculpting.Therefore, I need the kind consideration of a global automotive company for an apprenticeship programme in Clay Sculpting with subsequent employment in one of their global design studios. Another interest of mine is in ecological restoration and conservation of biodiversity in the areas of  BIOMASS AND SOLAR ENERGY RENEWAL.
I have read widely on solar power issues and I disseminate information on "the sun's miracles"-a term I coined based on my appreciation of  the power of the sun. E-mail: modelsopey@yahoo.com Postal Address :P.O.Box 30884,Secretariat Post Office Ibadan,Oyo State,Nigeria.

This website is dedicated to God Who more than doubles as my Teacher and College and to my parents who have never discouraged me about car modelling.It is also dedicated to car designers, automotive clay model sculptors,car enthusiasts, model car enthusiasts,toy car collectors,toy car clubs,automotive journalists,automotive body repairers,artists and to all who are involved with the automobile industry and finally, to the pursuance of artistic expression and creative excellence,to Biodiversity conservation and to the technological advancement of our beautiful world. I need the KIND CONSIDERATION of a global automotive company for an APPRENTICESHIP in CLAY MODELLING with subsequent EMPLOYMENT in one of their global design studios in order for me to work FULL TIME as a CLAY MODEL SCULPTOR.Thank you.


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